China’s RCEP regional new waterway to run through Yangon Port

The “SIYC Venus” cargo ship is seen loading goods at the port.

China has opened the Beibu Gulf Port-RCEP regional waterway which will make a brief stopover at the Yangon Port, and four cargo ships will run weekly, according to the announcement of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar.
It was mentioned in the announcement that the successful arrival of the “SITC Venus” cargo ship at the Qinzhou port zone in Beibu Gulf Port, Guangxi Province, on 28 October was the successful opening of the Beibu Gulf Port-Myanmar direct waterway.
Many reviews were released after the opening of the new waterway that another proper waterway was supposedly introduced between the Beibu Gulf Port and the RCEP region. The waterway will run with four cargo ships weekly. The ports of arrival are as follows: Qinzhou-Nansha-Shekou-Khlan-Yangon- Belawan-Khlan-Nansha-Shekou-Hai Phong-Qinzhou.
The disclosure of the new waterway will densify the international maritime network between Beibu Gulf Port and RCEP region, contribute to more convenient export-import channels for goods, and reduce a lot of logistic and storage costs of businesses.
Export goods will reach Yangon, Myanmar, 12 days after the departure from the Qinzhou Port via the new waterway and the length of time the journey takes will be reduced by 40 per cent, according to the statement. — TWA/GNLM

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