Chinese citizens living illegally in Namsang detained


The Union government pays attention to national stability and law and order, including border areas. When it is known that some foreign nationals are illegally entering and living in Myanmar through border areas, the administrative organizations conduct the necessary checks and hand them back to the relevant countries to act under the law.
According to reports of illegal Chinese presence in Namsang township, Shan State (South), a joint team of security forces conducted surprise checks and arrests on 23 January.
It seized 1,002 Chinese male nationals and 36 Chinese female nationals (a total of 1,038) living illegally in Namsang and three surrounding areas.
Inspections are underway under laws and procedures. Those who are not satisfied with the arrest of Chinese citizens living illegally in the area of Namsang are spreading information to malicious media outlets and circulating propaganda and false information on social networks to mislead the people about the Union government and the military. The government and relevant law enforcement agencies are investigating and taking action to ensure no online scams and illegal activities with unlawful operators.
The news was released to inform the public that officials are actively cooperating with neighbouring countries. — MNA/KZL

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