Circulating fake news: Three citizens died as Tatmadaw attacked with air and naval supporting fire in Thayetchaung

Online 11.5.2024 sskm
The screenshot validates fake news of Khit Thit media.

The subversive Khit Thit media claimed that Tatmadaw attacked Kanatthiri village in Thayetchaung township, Taninthayi Region, not only with two helicopters and one jet fighter but also with navy vessels, without provocation on 10 May, resulting in the deaths of three citizens.
In response to this news, a security official from the area reported that there was no exchange of fire and no heavy weapons attack by Tatmadaw at Kanatthiri village in Thayetchaung on 10 May. The truth is that malicious media outlets are intentionally spreading false news to cover up violent acts of terrorists who attacked villages and towns with heavy weapons and drones. They aim to disrupt local administrative mechanisms and portray a distorted view of the security forces. — MNA/TRKM

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