Clean the planet Earth without dangerous wastes

Save the planet Earth which is home to all including you. Bearing humans is a must for the planet Earth. The world does not have a chance to refuse all humans not to bear them. But bearing the waste is an unacceptable duty for the planet Earth.
Actually, the volume and weight of waste are larger and larger in the world. Hence, the world is now very tired of bearing the waste. So, everybody needs to save the world from the situation of bearing waste. Such a process of saving the planet Earth is not difficult. All the global people unanimously avoid undisciplined disposal of waste on the ground.
Currently, the planet Earth is still bearing the waste. Some wastes are visible as these can be seen on the ground due to undisciplined disposal. Some wastes cannot be seen in the environment. It is because people unnecessarily store some kinds of waste at home. Actually, they do not need this waste but they still store them. Consequently, the planet Earth unavoidably bears these wastes.
Whatever it may be, any kind of waste can destroy the world and the environment. In consequence, the deterioration of the environment can affect the daily life of the global people. Hence, it can be said that undisciplined disposal of waste can be harmful to the life of living beings and the environment. Environmental degradation triggered by waste causes hazards to living beings, especially human beings.
On the other hand, undisciplined emission of gas and smoke leaves dangerous wastes which are harmful to the planet Earth. Such an emission of smoke causes air pollution in the atmosphere. Hence, waste from the ground and smoke from the atmosphere is silent killers to living beings. Only when all global people restrict themselves not to commit undisciplined acts of disposing of waste not only into the water but on the ground as well as emitting dangerous gases and smoke into the atmosphere will the planet Earth be healthy without treatments of any physicians.
Every living being or human being is the offspring of the world. It is because the world nurtures all living beings to have the capacity for standing tall in society. Everybody should not forget the gratitude of the world and they should have to try hard so as to pay back the debt of gratitude to the world before ending their lives. If living beings clean the world, it will reflect them. A clean world will create a better society for global people to be free from dangerous waste.


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