CNN, Reuters news agencies presenting news without media ethics need to post correct news

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CNN and Reuters news agencies mentioned false news on their news pages without media ethics on 17 June that security forces set fire to Kinma Village of Pauk Township in Magway Region.
The true information was released on 16 June. When security forces went to Kinma Village of Pauk Township in Magway Region to arrest those who make explosives and homemade guns, armed terrorists opened fire at the security forces near the village set fire to the houses.
Some media accused security forces of setting fire to the houses in Kinma Village on the social network pages concerning acts of terrorists.
The outbreak of fire at houses in Kinma Village started that while U Sein Maung and five men talked about something at the house of U Sein Maung in Wungyi Village of Shahla Village-tract in Seikpyu Township in Pakokku District at 12:45 am on 13 June, three men, including Kyaw Min Naing threw two homemade grenades to them. In the explosion, U Sein Maung and Ko Min Min Soe were injured, and security forces arrested Kyaw Min Naing, who threw homemade grenades and placed him under investigation.
In this regard, the investigation proved that homemade grenades were bought from a man in Kinma Village of Pauk Township. According to further information, such man-made homemade guns and grenades with monetary assistance of an NLD member and former member of ward/village administration who also lived in the same village. So security forces went to Kinma Village on 15 June for exposing and arresting them.
On arrival at the village signboard, some ten terrorists from the hillock opened fire at the security forces with the use of firearms and homemade bombs. As the security forces retaliated, terrorists retreated from the hillock. While the security forces combed the hill, terrorists committed ambushed attacks. So, the security forces performed counter-attacks and tried to enter Kinma Village. In so doing, local PDF terrorists who fled into Kinma Village and the armed insurgents who came from Chin State set fire to the house of U Kyaw Htay, a member of the Union Solidarity and Development Party from the village. The fire destroyed the houses of the village.
On 1 June, the security forces arrived at Kinma Village to investigate the killing of USDP member U Nyo Chaw of the village by the terrorist groups. Those security forces clashed with PDF terrorists from the village. Hence, most of the villagers did not reside in the village and moved to towns and villages. There remained guards of houses, older persons and PDF terrorists in the village. That is why they could not extinguish the fire which destroyed all.
While breaking out the fire, there was no villagers, and fire trucks were difficult to put out the fire and water was shortage. Although security forces extinguished the fire but the fire destroyed some 100 houses. Security forces packed grandma Daw Khin Su, 83 and grandma Daw Htwar Sein, 81 from two burnt houses on their backs to the village monastery as safer place.
Due to setting fire by terrorists, all houses and buildings were destroyed by the fire, except for two pagodas on the hillock, two public rest houses, two buildings from Basic Education Middle School Branch and one building under construction and 20 houses. The security forces returned from the village at about 6.30 pm.
State-owned newspapers have released information on 18 June that PDF terrorists from Kinma Village set fire to their village. In addition, NLD supporters, PDFs, extremists and some media posted statuses on fabricated news on Facebook social networks with attempts to cause misunderstanding over the State Administration Council by local people and the international community.
Local people condemn CNN and Reuters news agencies which expressed wrong news without media ethics. As it is necessary to describe the true event under the Right to Correct, letters of objection will be sent to respective news agencies. — MNA

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