Combatting corruption to enhance the rule of law


The rule of law and the anti-corruption measure are crucial for implementing the reform process of the country. Indeed, both measures are interrelated. Only when efforts can be made for the eradication of corruption will the rule of law be prevailing in the nation.
Everybody knows that anti-corruption is of great importance in Myanmar as it is on the path of the democratic system. It is necessary to recognize the efforts of eradicating corruption cases. In fact, corruption can change society upside down. In this regard, as the people may generally murmur that the country could not have the capacity to restore the rule of law, the capacity of authorities in tackling the anti-corruption measures is one of the most important factors.
The corruption may affect weakening the rule of law, hampering the development, derailing the development funds of the State from the set procedures and leaving more impacts on the people from the poverty traps. Disadvantages of the corruption and the rule of law push the people to the edge of the abyss, facing no choice for them in their lives. Hence, they unexpectedly commit corruption cases.
Due to corruption, people in all walks of life miss the chance to build trust among them. If so, hostilities and dissatisfactions can be conceived in the souls of society participants. The corruption sparks the society to explode at any time, based on general dissatisfactions including the loss in corruption and bribery cases. As such, these actions may stake the rule of law sector.
Failures in the economic sector and a high rate of poverty are based on corruption cases. Consequently, the trust of people may be lessening over the government and government organizations. Hence, every country needs to consider that now is the best time to manage the reform processes for their countries in order to bring the States and the people to the prosperous countries under the rule of law to be free from corruption. Otherwise, those countries would see their conclusion in a short time.
Unpleasant scenes are undesirable. Only when the people build a peaceful and prosperous nation can they enjoy the fruits of measures on the rule of law. If a firm system to prevail the rule of law can be implemented, both the people and the nation can set aside the corruption in various forms in perpetuity.

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