Commerce Ministry: Uncut diamonds not allowed for export

Pieces of Rough diamond before cutting and polishing as diamond jewellery are classified as restricted items for exports, according to Notification No 28/2023 released by the Ministry of Commerce.
The Commerce Ministry restricted 31 items by maritime trade and 32 through land borders under the directive No 10/1999 dated 26 November 1999. After that, some commodities prohibited to export have been amended following the situation of local market conditions, with 15 items allowed in 2008 and more items in 2011, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
The goods prohibited via all three modalities of transport (by air, border and sea) are diamond, crude oil, ivory, elephant, horse and rare animals, antiques, and arms and ammunition, as per the directive No 10/1999 and the notification No 59/2020.
The MoC issued Notification No 59/2020 for amendment for the exercise of the power conferred by Section 13 (B) of the Export and Import Law.
The ministry made changes to pieces of rough diamond which have not been made into jewellery in stanza 3 (A) of Notification No 59/2020. — NN/EM

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