Compile brilliant history with fruits of peace and prosperity

The five-point roadmap of the government mentions that perpetual peace will be restored around the nation in conformity with the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) as much as possible. Currently, the year 2022 is set as the year of peace so as to ensure the whole nation is peaceful.
Peace and democracy are inseparable. The democratization process needs the restoration of peace. Reciprocally, the restoration of peace depends on the flourishing of democracy. Any country will face various challenges in cementing democracy without restoration of peace. If so, those wishing to restore peace can be identified as the persons anticipating the democratization process. Those who aspire to the flourishing of democracy can be seen as peacemakers.
If democracy is strengthening in its process, the country can be shaped in stability. As such, perpetual peace plays a key role in strengthening democracy. Peace will bring tranquillity to the region, the prevalence of law and order, good transportation, learning opportunity and the development of human resources to the society.
Thanks to utilizing human resources, nation-building bodies will be powerful whereas societies will be strengthened. The check and balance system based on democracy will help a peaceful society alive. As a result, the paradigm of the country goes forward to the goal as usual.
A keen effort will shape everything to come true. As such, if everybody aspires to peace restoration, they will have the capacity to blossom peacefully flowery plants. The peacemaking process must be implemented among political forces with the genuine anticipation of all citizens. They all must have a willingness to actively build a peaceful nation. If they cooperate with each other in building a peaceful nation honestly, all the people can practically enjoy the fruits of perpetual peace which is ensured to strengthen in a long-term existence. If the nation restores the perpetual peace, the democratization process will achieve success automatically.
In doing so, all the ethnic people need to forge unity among them in building a democratic nation. They have to solve all the problems with patience bringing no suffering to any ethnic people. If they keep unity in their minds, their efforts for the restoration of perpetual peace will automatically be achieved. If so, joining hands among them will be more firm.
Myanmar can see the dawn of peace and democracy. All the people need to march toward the goal together. They have to overcome all the challenges along their route. As peace and democracy are reachable, all the people should compile their brilliant history endowed with fruits of peace and prosperity.

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