Compliance with taxi board specifications mandatory warned

According to the Yangon Region Public Transport Committee (YRTC), taxi boards for taxis operating in Yangon must be installed according to specifications.
Taxi boards for city taxis operating in the city are of various sizes and colours and are installed in different places. Under Section 273 (A) of the Vehicle Safety and Motor Vehicle Management Law, a white sign lamp that contains the text “TAXI” written in red paint on the roof must be installed. The YRTC stated that taxis must be installed with the specified sign in a uniform manner to ensure consistency with the city’s features and to be under the prevailing laws and regulations.
The dimensions of the taxi board to be installed under the law are a bottom length of 10 inches, a top length of nine inches, a bottom width of five inches, a top width of two inches, and three inches high.
An awareness period will be set from 10 September to 8 December to observe whether or not taxi boards are installed under the law. According to the YRTC, action will be taken under Section 96 of the Vehicle Safety and Motor Vehicle Management Law starting on 9 December, when the 90-day education period ends. — TWA/CT

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