Subversive media accuses security forces of looting in conflict zones

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Subversive media outlets have been circulating false information on social media, accusing security forces of looting valuable items from abandoned houses in Dhammathat village and nearby areas in Kyaikmaraw Township, Mon State, amidst conflict-induced evacuations.
A member of the security forces refuted these claims, explaining that their activities involved clearing mines in collaboration with residents.
Terrorist groups, including KNU, NMSP AD (Mon splinter group), and PDF terrorists, launched attacks on government buildings and police stations in Dhammathat and neighbouring villages on 24 March, prompting residents to flee.
Following counter-terrorism operations that restored control over the villages on 25 April, security forces have been engaged in rehabilitation efforts alongside the residents.
Malicious media outlets are spreading false narratives to obscure the actions of terrorists and create misconceptions about the conduct of security forces. — MNA/NT

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