Construction of elevator tower at Mann Shwesettaw Pagoda completes 70%

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The construction of elevator tower and sky walkway bridge was completed 70 per cent, said U Than Lwin, construction project manager.
The construction project is being carried out by Kyaw Thar Company and the project is linked between Hnakyeik Shithsu pagoda and Koekhangyi pagoda. So far, the project was completed by 70 per cent.
“Regarding the elevator tower construction project, we are currently preparing to concrete lift towers 19 metres level. Then, two-span potions were completed. We are currently constructing pillars. The left side of potion-2 was concreted. There is also one portion-1 left on the sidewalk. So far, 70 per cent of the construction project have been completed,” said the project manager.
The elevator tower is 210 feet in length and 119 feet high. The tower also includes a 12-foot-wide walkway. The total cost is estimated to be about K1.6 billion. The construction project will be completed by the end of January 2022 before the Mann Shwesettaw Pagoda festival.
The project started on 29 May 2021. — Ma Yu (Ngaphe)/GNLM

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