Construction of Nantsalein Creek Bridge completed by 98%

Nantsalane 2 sskm
A view of the new Nantsalein creek Bridge will be built soon in Hkamti Township, Sagaing Region.   Photo: Soe Myint Aung

According to the Ministry of Construction, the construction of the Nant Salein Creek Bridge in Hkamti Township, Sagaing Region, is underway as the bridge is now 98% complete.
The project for the bridge construction was approved by the Ministry of Construction.
Crossing over Nant Salein Creek, the bridge is being built near the 24/4 mile of Hkamti-Sinthe-Lahe Road at an estimated cost of K1,600 million.
Skilful engineers and labour from the Construction Special Task Force (1) and Bridge Task Force (2) of Bridge Department, Ministry of Construction is taking in the bridge construction project.
The old cable-stayed bridge is now old, and thus, the load capacity of the bridge is reduced to 13 tonnes due to the reduced load capacity of the bridge, officials said.
The new Nant Salein Creek Bridge is being built next to the old cable-stayed bridge, according to the Bridge Task Force (2).
The total length of the new bridge is 330.45 feet and the width of the bridge is 30.5 feet. The bridge has a width of 143 feet and a height of three feet with a load capacity of 60 tonnes.
The foundations of the bridge are made of Caisson Well Foundation with a diameter of 2.75 metres.
The hull of the bridge is made of reinforced concrete piers and the upper body is made of reinforced concrete and steel mesh.
It was also constructed with a reinforced concrete floor with a 27.5 feet wide driveway.
The bridge span is 100.72 metres long and consists of two 20-metre-wide spans, one 15-metre-wide span and one 45.72-metre-wide span respectively.
The construction of the Nant Salein Creek Bridge began on 7 April 2019.
Once completed, the Nant Salein Creek Bridge will be a major bridge on the Hkamti-Sinthe-Lahe Road, which connects Hkamti to the Naga areas of Lahe and Nangyun.
According to the Ministry of Construction, the bridge will bring better transportation to Hkamti town via Thekkekyin-Phaungpyin-Homalin-Hkamti road and YeU-Kalewa road and to Mandalay Region via Taze and Monywa.
There will also be easy access to Magway Region from Kalewa to Kalay-Kalewa Road and Gangaw-Kalay Road, officials added.—Pwint Thitsar/ GNLM

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