Consumer goods, food to support PDF terrorists seized in Kayah state

As NUG, CRPH and PDF terrorists are committing terrorist acts in cities, including the attacks on Loikaw Airport, Loikaw Prison, and using people as human shields during the attacks in Kayah State, security forces are carrying out necessary security and territorial operations in Kayah State.
On 24 January, security forces found a signboard “AVSI-People for Development”, which is not registered at the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, in a building in Bardo village, Loikaw at around 3 pm. During the inspection of the building, 120 bags, 1,950 packs of instant noodles, 120 packs of cereal, 760 cans of various kinds of meat, 550 bottles of oil, 100 blankets and consumer goods such as gram, soap bars, detergent powder, were found and confiscated.
According to the analysis of the items, it was found that they were to support PDF terrorists, and action is taken under the existing laws. Security forces are continuing to provide security for peace and stability in Kayah State, and local people are urged to report any terrorist movement or incitement to violence to the relevant authorities and to cooperate with the security forces for peace and stability in the area. — MNA

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