Consumers call for monitoring, law enforcement against price manipulators

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A rice shop is seen running both wholesale and retail.

As consumers expect to buy rice at the reasonable market price set by the Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF), they called for monitoring and law enforcement against price manipulators, consumers facing a price burden stated.
The consumers hope the actual market price is close to the set price and they have a chance to buy them at a reasonable market price just like in the edible oil market.
Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF) notified on 8 November its affiliated companies, millers and traders to sell and buy the rice at reasonable market prices set for November.
The reasonable market prices issued for November are K58,000-60,000 per 108-pound sack of Aemahta rice (25 broken), K60,000-62,000 for Aemahta rice (15 broken), K62,000-64,000 for Aemahta (10-5 broken), K65,000-80,000 for Ayamin, Ayeya Padaytha, special Aemahta rice varieties (10-5 broken), K70,000-75,000 for Ayamin, Ayeya Padaytha, special Aemahta rice varieties and K75,000-80,000 for Ayeyawady Pawsan rice. The reasonable market prices for high-grade Shwebo Pawan rice will be issued in December during the harvest time.
Since August 2023, traders have rarely seen the actual market price as per the daily price rate issued by the Wahdan Rice Wholesale Centre.
Although the wholesale price of Myaungmya and Pyapon Pawsan was K100,000 per sack according to the official statistics, they are transacted at over K110,000-K120,000 per sack. Shwebo Pawsan market price surged to around K150,000 per sack yet it was officially priced at K125,000 per sack.
Reportedly, there is a lack of the buyer’s name and transaction date on the so-called receipt on white paper. — TWA/KK

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