Cotton growers anticipate fetching handsome prices this year

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A plot of cotton plantation in ChaungU, Sagaing Region.

Cotton growers stated that they are expecting to obtain a good price from this year’s cotton production.
The market price of cotton is K3,500 per viss in the domestic markets, and some wholesale buyers offered to buy late monsoon cotton at a price of over K4,000 and around K4,000 for monsoon cotton.
As for domestic cotton cultivation, the main product is a long-staple cotton, which is mostly grown in Sagaing and Mandalay regions during the rainy season from May to July and harvested from September to December.
In addition to cotton cultivation, there are cotton ginning mills and mills that produce cotton seed oil in Meiktila District of Mandalay Region. Out of seven cotton ginning mill owners, six are working on the production of cotton seed oil. As for the cotton industry, ginning three visses of undressed cotton produces about one viss of cotton wool and two-thirds of cottonseed, and for cottonseed oil production, 10–12 visses of cottonseed oil are produced in milling 100 visses of cottonseed.
The prices are K3,600–K3,800 per viss for undressed cotton, K8,500 per viss for cotton wool, K1,500–K1,600 per viss for cottonseed and cottonseed paste, and K7,300 per viss for cottonseed oil. The cotton crop is being exported to Mandalay Region and the state-owned textile factories, so it is said that cotton crop should be grown more because they are very profitable. — TWA/CT

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