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Myanmar boasts lush green landscapes, a network of small and large rivers, natural water areas, and a rich cultural heritage that includes ancient traditions and customs of its diverse national races. Its natural beauty, rare plant species, captivating waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, diverse wildlife, migratory birds, unique ecosystems, and historic cultural heritage sites have captured the attention of travellers from around the world.
During peak seasons, a significant number of local travellers visit recreational centres and other notable sites across the country. In 2022, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the tourism industry contributed 7.6 per cent to the global GDP. This underscores the importance of tourism in Myanmar’s economy and the socioeconomic life of its people. Therefore, it is essential to create travel opportunities and develop destinations that appeal to both local and foreign travellers.
International tourists are particularly drawn to Mount Phonkan Razi and Mount Khakabo Razi, snow-capped areas located in the PutaO region of northern Myanmar. Mountaineers visit these areas annually to scale the hills. Developing these areas and the tourism industry requires improving transportation infrastructure and ensuring peace and stability in the region. The importance of peace, stability, and good transportation is evident in the significant number of travellers who visit snow-capped mountains in China each year.
To facilitate tourism development, a 56-mile road has been constructed between PutaO and Khaunglanphu towns in Kachin State, providing residents with better access to transport, education, healthcare, economic opportunities, and the tourism industry. As a result, local and foreign travellers can visit snow-capped hilly areas except during the monsoon season, contributing to the growth of the tourism industry.
Furthermore, a 76-mile motor road connects PutaO and Hsanhlutchet Hill in Khaunglanphu. The Ministry of Border Affairs has completed the construction of the remaining 56-mile road segment, complete with bridges in necessary areas, to facilitate easy access for local national races. Residents and travellers can now travel along the 132-mile route between the two towns. Cooperation between residents and the government in relevant projects is crucial as the government emphasizes the peace and stability of the region.
The development of tourism can showcase the genuine life and cultural heritage of the people of Myanmar. Both tangible and intangible cultural heritage can attract local and foreign travellers at any time. Furthermore, the warm smiles and hospitality of the national races are sure to capture the attention of visitors to the nation.

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