Daily speedboats run from Monywa to towns in upper Chindwin river

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Four Speedboats are running to the towns upstream of Chindwin River from Monywa every day. Three run at 5 am every morning, and one runs at 1 pm.
“We embark cargo if there is no passenger. The speed boat service has been stopped since 9 May due to the regional situations.
We hope to resume it on 16 May,” said Ko Myo, terminal officer of the Shwe Nadi Speed Board association.
It costs a passenger K40,000 for Monywa-Hkamti trip, K30,000 for Monywa-Homalin, K25,000 for Monywa-Phaungpyin, K20,000 for Monywa-Mawlaik, K15,000 for Monywa-Kalaywa and K10,000 for Monywa-Mingin.
There are 46 lines of passenger ships and 346 passenger ships, and 19 lines of cargo ships and 604 cargo ships, according to the Inland Water Transport, Sagaing Region. – Lulay/GNLM

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