Defy severe temperature of summer through collaborative efforts


The scorching heat of summer, exacerbated by the effects of El Niño, has brought severe water shortages to many parts of the world, including Myanmar. Central Myanmar, in particular, has long grappled with water scarcity during the summer months due to its geographical and climatic conditions. Despite the construction of dams, reservoirs, and various water supply facilities by successive governments, many villages continue to face water shortages.
In response to this pressing issue, the Department of Rural Development, under the Ministry of Cooperatives and Rural Development, has undertaken a significant initiative in the 2024-25 financial year. Their aim is to provide water to over 500 villages across the nation, addressing the persistent water scarcity problem. A total of 644 projects will be implemented in 581 villages that are most affected by water shortages. Access to water is vital for the daily lives and socioeconomic well-being of these communities.
The department has been focusing on providing water to rural areas each fiscal year, with the goal of ensuring that all rural residents have access to safe water by 2030. From the 2019-20 financial year to the 2021-22 financial year, a total of 10,047 water supply projects were implemented in 9,420 villages, thanks to the State budget, contributions from UNICEF, and allocated budgets from relevant regional and state governments.
In the 2022-23 fiscal year, the state budget was used to implement 988 water supply projects in 883 villages across 272 townships. These projects included sinking 40 artesian wells, 309 tube wells, 61 hand-dug wells, and constructing 147 earthen lakes, 147 spring facilities, 16 rainwater tanks, 161 water pipeline taps, 60 water treatment facilities, 17 water tanks, and laying 11 water pipelines, along with 70 other related projects.
In the following fiscal year, 2023-24, plans were put in place to implement 699 projects in 699 villages across various regions and states, including Nay Pyi Taw Council Area. This year, 102 villages are expected to face drinking water shortages, and the department is committed to meeting the needs of these communities.
It is imperative for all citizens to collaborate with the government in implementing these water supply projects to alleviate the suffering caused by water shortages. Efforts must be expedited to provide safe water to people across the nation, mostly in rural areas, enabling them to withstand the severe summer temperatures.

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