Despite a slight periodic fall, betel price may soon rebound

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A betel leaf farm under proper cultivation.

At present, betel price has fallen slightly, but is expected to recover soon, according to betel growers and sellers.

“Betel trading is a bit slow in our market because this is summer and there is no water or rain. And this is the time to curl up the long betel stems, so prices will drop a little. It used to be produced in various towns. This year the price is not as good as last year. But, market inactivity at this time is in the nature of betel. Say, it drops from K 1000 to K 800. The price will rise again when the Thingyan festival is near. In summer, some growers do activities like rolling up the stems of betel plants at the foot, cutting the stems and cultivating replacement plants. So, the market slowdown is normal at this time,” said betel-grower Ko Thura Myo Min from Kyaukse.

photo 2024 03 17 13 24 31
Betel leaves before delivery to the market.

Betel prices will rise again in the next two weeks and fall back during April, some predicted.

“The price will increase in the next one or two weeks. It is not a prediction, but it will be better because betel market goes according to its season and its right time. For example, the price will go down once in April as it is the right time to fall. But, it will recover when Thingyan approaches. In the last three or four weeks, the price has gone up to K 20,000-30,000. Another factor is that the price can rise if the production is low and fall when it is high,” he said.

Thit Taw/ZN

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