Domestic visitors join celebrations in Kawthoung city on Thingyan’s third day

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beachgoers and merrymakers participated in the celebration in Kawthoung city on the third day of the Thingyan Festival on 15 April 2022.
Kawthoung residents keep traditional Thingyan and hold the festival every year. As domestic tourism is reviving this year, the visitors thronged the beaches in Kawthoung city, and the jetties are also packed with the visitors for the speed boat -ride to the islands.
The visitors also joined the Water Festival in Kawthoung during their trip to the beaches. The visitors enjoy fun sporting activities and relax on the beaches. They visit the NyaungU Phee Island, Saturn Island, Myinkhwa Island, Kyatmauk Island (heart-shaped island), Zardatgyi Island, Fork Island, Paradise Island and other islands. The majority of the domestic visitors enjoy a memorable beach vacation during the Thingyan Festival. — Kyaw Soe (Kawthoung)/GNLM

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