Don’t miss an opportunity of learning KG+9 education


Every country accepts that human resource plays a crucial role in the sustainable development of the nations. As such, everybody needs to understand the important role of knowledge accumulation through learning education.
Such human resources depend on knowledge including school education. So, countries place emphasis on investment in the education sector to turn out educated youths.
Myanmar is implementing the free compulsory primary education system for the people to have a wider scale of knowledge in accord with Section 28 of the Constitution.
Section 366 of the Constitution stipulates that every citizen, in accord with the educational policy laid down by the Union: (a) has the right to education; and (b) shall be given basic education which the Union prescribes by law as compulsory.
In fact, learning education is not for the government but it is for the improvement of individual life. Hence, it is noticeable that incitements not to attend schools may cause offspring of the people to be uneducated ones, as an act of shaping the nation and the people to be enslaved.
Regrettably, some 18.2 million of the population missed the chance to learn middle school education and below the level at their adult age, according to the interim census of Myanmar in 2019. Such an amount hit one-third of the total population. As such, the government is striving for the implementation of the education promotion programme.
Nowadays, a total of 39,242 of 47,760 basic education schools are open for students to learn education under the restriction of the COVID-19, accounting for 80 per cent of the enrolled ones.
The government arranges the plans for school-age children to have a learning opportunity for attending the KG+9 of middle school education. Only when they complete the KG+9 education can they change the learning of knowledge for the vocational training.
As education is of great importance for implementing the issue of Myanmar’s democracy and the future of the nation, all citizens should take care of grasping their learning opportunities. If so, they will be able to join the nation-building activities.
Searching the knowledge as well as learning the education is not late for all. All citizens need to fill all sorts of knowledge to their souls in order to apply them at an opportune time for serving the interests of the State and the people.

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