Dr Htar Htar Lin under arrest for involving in CDM, assisting terrorist organization NUG

12 6 2021Dr Zaw Wai Soe NS

Dr Htar Htar Lin, Director of the Expanded Vaccination Programme of the Ministry of Health and Sports, disconnected herself from the ministry and involved in the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) without clearing the K161.198-million balance of the expanded vaccination programme. A case was filed on 20 February 2021 against her at Payagone Township Police Station under Section 505-A of the Penal Code. She was arrested on the roadside of Nawaday in Yawmingyi ward, Dagon Township, on 10 June 2021.
According to her confession, she was not only involved in the CDM and formed the CDM Core Group together with other CDM doctors but also colluded with terrorist NUG, which was declared an illegal and terrorist group.
She added that fugitive Zaw Wai Soe, appointed as Health Minister by NUG, contacted her through Signal Application to help him as much as possible. She was frequently communicated by fugitive Zaw Wai Soe via Zoom Meeting and asked her to help write an encouraging speech for CDM staff. In addition to writing encouraging speeches, she had to write programmes for NUG’s healthcare activities and prepare charts and information for the Zoom Meeting.
Fugitive Zaw Wai Soe assigned Dr Htar Htar Lin to compile a list of medicines used in NUG’s healthcare activities and calculate the demographic, necessary drugs, and expenses. In addition, she was reportedly instructed to calculate US$8 million for six months’ medical expenses related to terror acts nationwide. They planned to receive US$8 million healthcare aid by a Grant Proposal from international donors.
Dr Htar Htar Lin, under fugitive Zaw Wai Soe’s control, was appointed as the group leader of the Public Health Team. Twelve (12) absconded doctors, who were also involved in CDM, acted as members.
1. Dr Htar Htar Lin (Group Leader)
2. Dr Thu Zar Chit Tin (member)
3. Dr Myo Myo Mon (member)
4. Dr Aung Soe Htet (member)
5. Dr Htoo Myint Swe (member)
6. Dr Cho Cho San (member)
7. Dr Su Su Lin (member)
8. Dr Lwin Mar Hlaing (member)
9. Dr Nyein Nyein Chit (member)
10. Dr Khin Nyein Chan (member)
11. Dr Moe Kyaw Thu (member)
12. Dr San Thanda (member)
Dr Moe Kyaw Thu (Former Health Officer in Bilin Township) was reportedly appointed as group leader of State Health Admin Team (SHAT), which is under Public Health Team, along with ten members as follows:
1. Dr Moe Kyaw Thu (Group Leader)
2. Dr Naing Naing Tun (member)
3. Dr Shruk Parl (member)
4. Dr Aung Kyi (member)
5. Dr Deni Lin (member)
6. Dr Hnin Ei Phyu (member)
7. Dr Chit Ko Han (member)
8. Dr Su Su Hlaing (member)
9. Dr Zat Lwan Khaung (member)
10. Dr Kyaw Thu Swe (member)
It is also learned that plans are underway to form Township Health Admin Teams (THAT) and, to link between SHAT and THAT online, the Clinicians Team was formed with five doctors, including Dr San Thanda, as follows:
1. Dr San Thanda (Group Leader)
2. Dr Maung Maung Nyein Tun (member)
3. Dr Swe Zin Oo (member)
4. Dr Ye Zin Aung (member)
5. Dr Ze Min Tun (member)
Therefore, 12 doctors, including Dr Htar Htar Lin from Public Health Team, ten (10) doctors from SHAT and five (5) doctors from the Clinicians Team, will be charged and prosecuted under Section 505-A of the Penal Code for acting as per the instructions of fugitive Zaw Wai Soe and terrorist organization NUG, and under Section 17 (1) for colluding with the illegal organization.
It is announced for the public to inform the nearest local battalions and police stations if the suspects are found, and those who hide them will be taken effective actions under the law.

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