Dutifully serving duties in individuals correctly is to build the capable, powerful armed forces: Senior General

If servicemen individually obey military disciplines and dutifully serve assigned duties, the Tatmadaw will be a powerful, capable Tatmadaw, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing yesterday afternoon at a meeting with Tatmadaw members and families of Pyay and Padaung stations at Nawaday Hall of Pyay Station.
First, the Senior General explained the declaration of the state of emergency by the Tatmadaw on the political ground and the need to take State responsibilities.
Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General said at present, Myanmar gains economic development with peace and stability. Currently, as PDF terrorists take the people as a shield in their attacks, the Tatmadaw members and the people are to join hands to counterattack the terror acts.
In his tenure as the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, the Senior General recounted that military building tasks have been gaining momentum with the success of agriculture and livestock farming. The Tatmadaw and the people could join hands to raise the relations. In the 2011-2020 democratic government period, some local and foreign unscrupulous persons instigated the Tatmadaw and the people not to cement the relations. As such, instability happened during the political changes in 2021.
The Senior General noted that the Tatmadaw members need to constantly take training on defence subjects as well as health exercises for health and fitness. They have to follow the disciplines under the supervision of officials at different levels.

They all have living styles in accord with the health and weather. Not only Tatmadaw members but also their families need to follow the health protocols of Covid-19. They have to read and encourage the education promotion of family members. Not only military units but also Tatmadaw members in individuals are to carry out agriculture and livestock farming tasks as much as they can.
Since its discharging duties, the Tatmadaw has been facing attacks in all dimensions to cause monetary problems for the State. The government is striving for decrease in the price of fuel, edible oil and commodity prices. Servicemen individually obey military disciplines and dutifully serve assigned duties, the Tatmadaw will be a powerful, capable Tatmadaw.
The Senior General presented foodstuffs for Tatmadaw members and families to the Pyay Station commander, the wife of the Senior General, cash assistance for station maternal and child welfare association to the wife of the Pyay station commander and Chief of the General Staff (Army, Navy and Air) General Maung Maung Aye, fiction and non-fiction books for Tatmadaw members and families to Padaung Station commander. — MNA

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