Earn incomes of foreign exchange for families and motherland

A large number of people of workable age are seeking jobs abroad to work there. Apart from Indonesia and the Philippines, Myanmar sends the largest number of employees as migrant workers to foreign countries.
Those employees’ purpose to earn income from their jobs abroad is due to rare job opportunities at home and the attraction of wages and salaries from workplaces in foreign countries. Most of them reside in rural areas of Myanmar but now they establish their lives and families at proper social standard levels in their residences because their incomes are paid in foreign currencies by work owners.
Millions of Myanmar migrant workers are working in neighbouring Thailand and Malaysia. Moreover, other Myanmar migrant workers are working in Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Japan and the United Arab Emirates at risk of their lives. They accept if they are working at a young age, they can have a proper living standard when they reach old age.
On the other hand, Myanmar migrant workers remit their incomes in foreign exchange to their families in Myanmar on a monthly basis. It can be identified as income for their families as well as for the State. In fact, such remitted currencies sent by Myanmar workers to the motherland are included in the national income which plays a key role in the financial sector of the nation. As such, the mother countries emphasize remittances of salaries and wages of relevant migrant workers to their families.
For example, the Philippines yearly sends its citizen migrant workers abroad. Millions of Philippine citizens work as nurses and housemaids in many countries who send back thousands of millions of US dollars to the motherland on a yearly basis. Likewise, Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries send back more than US$6,000 million to the motherland within nine months from 2014 to July 2022.
Recently, the Central Bank of Myanmar announced that it will add K30 per US dollar or equal foreign currencies whenever Myanmar citizens remit their incomes to their homes through AD banks. Such a programme is good news for Myanmar citizens abroad for safety remittance of their income to their families at home. As such, those Myanmar workers abroad have to try hard to earn incomes of foreign currencies in relevant workplaces by overcoming challenges and difficulties but they have the purpose to remit their incomes to their families as well as the motherland.

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