Ecosystem-based comprehensive development project implemented near Chaungmange Dam

U Tin Htut Oo NS
Union Minister and party inspect conservation works on Hsinohn lake.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation organized the 2021 monsoon tree planting ceremony near Chaungmange Dam and Yonbin forest reserve in accordance with the COVID-19 health rules yesterday.
Union Minister U Tin Htut Oo, Deputy Minister Dr Aung Gyi, the permanent secretary and other officials grew a total of 1,000 perennial saplings such as mahogany, gum-kino and teak during the event.
Then, the Union Minister and party inspected the conservation works on Hsinohn lake constructed in 1959 in the irrigated area of Chaungmange Dam.
The ecosystem-based comprehensive development project is implemented near Chaungmange Dam and Yonbin forest reserve. As a pilot project, the Forest Department provided saplings of coffee, elephant foot yam, mango, banana and jackfruit to be grown in catchment area and irrigated area to the public this fiscal year. Moreover, the department conducted educating programmes for lab test of soil and allotment of plots for the crops, demonstration on terrace farming.
The department also establishes 16 acres of mixed-crop plantation, 243 acres of community owned plantation mixed with crops and two acres of village firewood plantation.
In the livestock sector, the officials provide assistance for breeding of domestic ducks to 100 local manageable farmers, plants pastureland grass, release 20,000 fingerlings into the dam and another 10,000 fingerlings into three-acre fishing farm. They will also construct inter-district roads.
Hsinohn Lake has 2,640 acres of irrigated areas in upper part and 4,579 acres in lower part. Although the lake has not been renovated during 60 years and now 89 per cent of renovation works are completed.
The reservoir can store about 1,800 acre-feet of water and supply 4,300 acres of summer paddy this year.—MNA

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