Education sector aims to turn out human resources for the State: Senior General

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State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing presides over the SAC meeting 6/2022 in Nay Pyi Taw on 21 July 2022.

No matter what students learn in education at any school, they must have the knowledge to be able to stand on their own after completion of learning, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the SAC meeting 6/2022 at the SAC Chairman Office yesterday.
Security measures related to politics
In his speech, the Senior General said that terror acts were taken action under the law. The Ministry of Home Affairs is taking responsibility for combating the terror acts and riots whereas the Tatmadaw is taking responsibility for State defence duty and armed insurrection. As the country is democratic, military administration is exercised at a minimum as much as possible.
So-called PDF terrorists brutally killed 52 members of the Sangha and one nun up to 20 July, most of them were killed in Sagaing Region. Similar cases happened in Magway Region. Moreover, so-called PDF terrorists also committed murdering educational staff, leaving 47 dead and 21 injured, and 25 staff went missing, totalling 93. Most of them were from Sagaing and Magway regions.

Need of enhancing the educational qualification of the people
All the people are to strive for improvement of educational qualification of the entire people. Some school-age children missed the chance to enrol due to the lack of peace and stability in the region based on security and political measures. Efforts are being made to reopen the remaining schools. The education sector aims to turn out human resources for the State. No matter what students learn in education at any school, they must have the knowledge to be able to stand on their own after completion of learning.

With a view to achieving enduring peace, the government invited ethnic armed organizations to peace talks and those who came to the peace talks agreed to the establishment of the Union based on democracy and federalism in accord with the wish of the people.

Need for economic growth
The government adopted the basic policies for economic development. Priority is given to operating production based on agriculture and livestock farms. Despite having many human resources, the country does not have adequate skilled labour in the agriculture and livestock sector. Hence, efforts are being made to create chances for students to learn higher education based on the agriculture and livestock sector and to engage in production. Double cropping and a high yield of crops can help earn increased income for farmers to have high socioeconomic status. Hence, it is necessary to achieve success in agriculture and livestock farms to improve the economy of farmers.
In the previous period, as the import volume of edible oil was large, edible oil crops and exportation were restricted. Farmers have a chance to freely grow the crops and freely export them. If they export agricultural produce via the UMFCCI for the interests of the State, their sales will be free and the State income will increase.
With regard to the implementation of businesses based on agriculture and livestock farms via enhancement of education, the Senior General said: “Concerning the education promotion plan, most of the people completed in the primary and middle school education. The majority of people are educated in high school and higher education. So, I see it is necessary to especially prioritize the enhancement of the education standard of the people in rural areas and in states where the majority of people complete only middle school education. In the country, the constitution stipulates that basic primary education is compulsory for all. But, primary education is not enough for the people at present. Such primary education is inadequate for catching up with the advancement of the world. As such, in its tenure, the government encourages the students to learn middle school education till grade 10 free of charge. If so, people from the rural areas will be skilled labour and educated persons. If we give training to them, they will have a wider knowledge and skills to contribute to their businesses. We set such an aim. Now, there are 127 districts. In the first wave, we will open some 50 high schools giving agriculture, livestock and mechanical techniques to the students. I have discussed with relevant Union ministers to do so. It is necessary to appoint graduates from veterinary science and agriculture to teach the students. We arrange that the staff discharging duties at Agriculture Department and Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department will be assigned as contributing teachers at these schools. If so, I expect a large number of skilled labour will be turned into rural areas. So, we have to operate businesses based on agriculture and livestock farms.
“Moreover, such plans are not adequate. It is responsible for the private sector. The government is responsible for turning out the human resources. The rest is for the private sector. On one hand, the government arranges the supply of inputs, for example, supply of water, distribution of fertilizers and seeds in the agriculture sector and supply of feedstuffs, medicines, water and pedigree animals in the livestock sector. Participation of the government in the private sector will exist till a set time. Hence, the council will prioritize operations of agriculture and livestock farms.”

Development of cotton cultivation required
He continued to say that there are 240,000 acres under cotton cultivation in the country, that the country is cooperating with industrialized nations to be able to produce high-quality long-staple cotton and manufacture high-quality fabric and that establishment of advanced garment factories will contribute to the development of the country’s economy.

Higher living standards for rural people necessary
Due to the weaknesses of the socio-economic life, the living standard of the country’s rural people is lower than those of other countries. The socio-economic life of the rural people will improve only when the agriculture and livestock breeding industries succeed.
Sufficiency in electric power plays a vital role in enhancing the living standard of the people but would it be beneficial only if renewable energy can be produced and so the country is taking measures to successfully implement hydroelectric power projects to minimize the emission of carbon dioxide in producing electric power.

Measures taken for restoring durable peace
With a view to achieving enduring peace, the government invited ethnic armed organizations to peace talks and those who came to the peace talks agreed to the establishment of the Union based on democracy and federalism in accord with the wish of the people. And more invitations have been made to some EAOs that have not come to the peace talks and, it would be good for the country’s future if the remaining EAOs come to the table.
Finally, the Senior General said that, during his visit to the Russian Federation, he met responsible personnel of military and civil services, went on a study tour of universities, plants and workshops and had discussions on increased cooperation in various sectors, including the mutual friendship between the governments and military services, culture, science and technology, tourism, development of human resources. He concluded that although his working visit to the Russian Federation was short, it was fruitful and good for the country.
The council members participated in the discussions on promoting ranks of primary assistant teachers and assigning them, fulfilling for needs of rural health centres by region and state governments and other sectors.
In his response, the Senior General said action will be taken against the private schools which are not in line with the education policy. Staff are recruited for health units, and at present, house surgeons and nurses are assigned there. Arrangements are being made to increase plies of trains along Yangon-Pyay, Yangon-Mawlamyine and Yangon-Mandalay routes. Meetings are being held with ethnic armed organizations without restrictions and some organizations are being connected. Arrangements are being made to cultivate quality strains of trees for teak plantations across the nation. It is necessary to review the enactment of archive law for historic persons. — MNA

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