Effectively utilize natural energy for benefiting the people

Electric power is crucial in the development of society. Currently, utmost efforts are being made through various ways and means for ensuring the sufficiency of electricity not to cause energy deficiency.
Myanmar primarily uses hydropower in addition to natural gas, coal and diesel energy. Hence, electricity is being generated from wind power, solar power and tidal power. Meanwhile, solar power from the sunray is being used to generate electricity throughout Myanmar in order to meet the local demand.
Global countries take the issues of environmental conservation into consideration for solving the problems of environmental pollution. Using renewable energy can overcome such kinds of difficulties, while remarkably reducing the import volume of fuel. Hence, the government emphasizes the implementation of small-, medium- and heavy-scale solar power projects so as to generate electricity.
The solar power plant is under construction in Minbu of Magway Region to generate 40 megawatts for the first phase and 170 megawatts for operating the plant at full capacity. Moreover, two projects to generate 150 megawatts each are slated to be built in the Myingyan and Wundwin townships of the Mandalay Region. Moreover, Thabyaywa solar power plant project is being implemented to produce electricity with 30 megawatts generating capacity near Thabyaywa Village of Thazi Township in the Mandalay Region. It will be the second solar power plant in the country.
Thabyaywa solar power plant generates more than 200,000 KWh per day and more than 66 million kWh per year. The electricity to be generated from the power plant supplies to the national grid via a 230 kV Thabyaywa main power station with the use of overhead cables. Likewise, more solar power plants will feed electricity to the national grid.
Indeed, solar power is abundant in Myanmar, so it is expected to generate 1,060 megawatts from solar power plants across the nation. International experts assessed that Myanmar can generate 51,937.8 TWh per year with the use of solar energy. Myanmar is highly potential for consuming solar power in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region. Until today, Myanmar is still generating electricity through solar energy less than Thailand and Vietnam.
The government set an aim to generate eight per cent of energy from renewable energy in 2021 and 12 per cent in 2025. Hence, all need to strive for the implementation of solar energy power generation to improve the socio-economic life of the people.

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