Efficiently, honestly consume electricity for all

Every country hungers for electricity to be used in the production of industries as well as electrifying the people for the improvement of living standards. Currently, not only developed countries but least developed nations are generating electricity through various ways and means.
Electricity is generated from nuclear energy, solar energy, hydropower, wind energy, coal-fired and fossil fuel. Renewable energy is the cheapest for generating electricity and it can ease environmental degradation. Hence, most countries are emphasizing the ways of generating electricity through renewable energy.
Generating electricity in Myanmar cannot meet the local demand till today. As utmost efforts are being made to increase the industrial sector, it much consumes electricity generated from the power plants. Hence, the government shares the supply of electricity for public consumption and industrial use in a proportionate ratio. That is why the country’s demand always exceeds the generating capacity of electricity till today.
To be able to solve such a problem, the relevant ministry is striving for implementing ongoing power projects such as hydropower and solar power projects while arranging to purchase electricity abroad through cross-border cables.
At present, power stations and sub-power stations are being built as well as national grids are being installed so as to supply electricity to the public and industries for enjoying stable electricity for safe household consumption and industrial production. Moreover, the relevant ministry is implementing more and more hydropower projects across the nation in order to meet the growing demand for electricity on a yearly basis.
In addition, efforts are being made to generate electricity through various sources including wind power. In doing so, an emphasis is being placed on stabilizing the electricity system and implementing the installation of 500 kV power cable projects and construction of sub-power station projects which can manage the full capacity of electricity for distribution.
At present, infrastructures are being upgraded for meeting the electricity demand of industries as much as possible. Only when the people and industries use sufficient electricity will the State economy improve much. That is why electricity consumers and producers need to join hands in implementing more projects so as to electrify the whole nation within a few years.
The sector of generating electricity will go on to the goal. The people and industries need to efficiently consume electricity without waste. All need to be honest in consuming the electricity without stealing the billing amounts not to pay deserved charges for consumption. Only when all are honest in efficiently using electricity will the whole nation develop soon.

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