Efficiently utilizing sound foundations will help develop the region for enabling Myeik region to have greater progress in a few years: Senior General

Taninthayi Region needs to emphasize the cultivation of oil palm plantations for the production of local oil sufficiency, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at a meeting with MSME businesspersons at Pearl Yadana Hall in Myeik yesterday afternoon to talk about the development of businesses.

Operating MSMEs and individual reports for business development
The region’s chief minister and local businesspersons reported on the implementation of the MSME industries, culturing oysters for pearl production, seawater shrimp farming, export of rubber and other measures.
Discussions of Union ministers for respective sectors
The Union ministers discussed the assistance of ministries for the operation of MSME industries, loan disbursement of the government for businesspersons under the rules, formation of cooperative societies, conservation of forests, greater prospects for fish farming, rattan production and pearl culture in the region. The region chief minister also discussed the hatching of shrimps, feedstuff processes, efforts for rice sufficiency in the region and fulfilment of the requirement of local business growth.

Encouraging the development of the State economy
In his discussions, the Senior General said the government, the people and the Tatmadaw joined hands in overcoming the crises in the outbreak of Covid-19 through concerted efforts. The government is encouraging the MSMEs for the recovery of businesses triggered by Covid-19 and enhancement of the State economy.
Encouraging manufacturing based on agriculture and livestock farms
The countries relying on foreign aid are facing economic difficulties. Myanmar has to achieve greater success in manufacturing based on agriculture and livestock farms. Quality products from MSME industries will contribute to the substitution of imported goods as well as an increase in export products. Only when the industries have raw materials in continuation will they have firm manufacturing. If the industries use domestic raw materials, they will have firm manufacturing industries.
Taninthayi Region needs to emphasize the cultivation of oil palm plantations for the production of local oil sufficiency. Efforts must be made for producing cooking oil for ensuring local oil sufficiency and exporting surplus cooking oil. Paddy lands should not be used in other ways. If the region has local food sufficiency, local monetary circulation will improve, and it will contribute to local economic growth. Duck, chicken, pig and cow breeding farms must be operated in a systematic manner in the Myeik region in order to contribute to the MSME production process. If livestock products increase, prices of foodstuffs will decline.
Although hydropower projects have been approved in the region, the disturbance of armed organizations delays the process. So, local people miss the chance to enjoy electrification. The solar power generation process can be operated in the Myeik region.
Qualified human resources need to successfully operate the manufacturing process. As highly educated persons will be turned out as skilled labour, it is necessary to encourage learning education in the Myeik region. The efficient utilisation of sound foundations will help the development of the region enabling the Myeik region to have greater progress in a few years.
The Senior General viewed round the display of marine products, foodstuffs, personal goods, industrial products, traditional commodities, clothes and traditional medicines and asked about market situations for the products. — MNA

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