Eighth anniversary of NCA signing, peace agreements seek to fulfil their political promise

All NCA signatories should attend the ceremony, and non-signatories should join the ceremony to walk on the peace track if they wish to enjoy the fruits of peace.

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing pledged to mark the signing of peace agreements and the Eighth Anniversary of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement with political essence.
The Senior General delivered an address at the SAC meeting 4/2023 at the SAC Chairman’s Office in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.
“Coming 15 October is a significant day when the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement was signed. It is necessary to mark the day with political essence. I extended invitations to all ethnic leaders as much as I could. I also invited State leaders of foreign countries,” the Senior General said.
The Senior General recounted that he sent personal letters to those State leaders of foreign countries and that he contacted some leaders through telephone or letter. Some of them promised him to attend the ceremony. Some replied that they could not join it but they would send their reliable representatives. He pointed out that if so, ethnic leaders should be keener to attend the ceremony. Especially, he highlighted that all NCA signatories should attend the ceremony, and non-signatories should join the ceremony to walk on the peace track if they wish to enjoy the fruits of peace.
The Senior General stressed that if they grasp hate, the country will face loss, adding that if all stakeholders move forward without doubts and grudges, all will smoothly achieve the goal.
He underscored that all ethnic people need to comprehensively understand the actual situation of the State and focus on the interests of the State rather than individuals or each ethnic interest.
With regard to regional situations, the Senior General expressed his wish to know the true situation of regions, the true concepts of the people as well as their requirements. So, he recounted that he urged SAC members to divide assignments to make trips to relevant regions. As a result of this, they could know more information about the regional conditions.
Council members presented reports on their trips to assigned areas, having information about requirements of education, health, economy and development, wishes of the people to peacefully do businesses, instigations of some foreign organizations for disturbing internal peace in ethnic areas despite efforts of the State for ensuring peace and stability, good prospects to restore internal peace, and requirements of technologies and infrastructures for manufacturing advanced products with the use of domestic products.
The Joint Secretary reported on the progress of counter-terrorism measures for ensuring peace and stability of the State, forging the rule of law, seizures of arms and ammunition from terrorists, emphasis for drug eradication, exposing illegal trade measures, and plans to take strict action against departmental officials involved in raising prices in sales of oils and commodities higher than the reference prices.
The Secretary also explained implementing the functions of the council and coordination over submissions from relevant regions.
The meeting was also attended by SAC Vice-Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win, council members and officials. — MNA/TTA

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