Encourage creation and invention under copyright laws for new generations

All creators and inventors really wish to enjoy the fruits of their creations as copyrights because they invested their precious lifetimes, technology, money, materials and others in initiating creative and inventive measures of the new intellectual products.
Section 37 (c) of the Constitution (2008) states: The Union shall permit citizens’ right of private property, right of inheritance, right of private initiative and patent in accord with the law and Section 372 stipulates: The Union guarantees the right to ownership, the use of the property and the right to the private invention and patent in the conducting of business if it is not contrary to the provisions of this Constitution and the existing laws.
In the globalization era, the copyright is of great importance in speeded development of technologies for governments, departments, entrepreneurs and businesspersons. It is because violation of the copyright destroys the future of all created products.
Exercising the copyright will contribute much to the development of businesses based on creations as well as the emergence of government and private sectors with high creativity and high capability of competitiveness.
The government has enacted four laws related to copyright namely Trademark Copyright Law, Industrial Design Copyright Law, Invention Copyright Law and Literary and Artistic Copyright Law on 30 January 2019 in order to protect the rights of creators and inventors.
As the IP project is being implemented in the ASEAN region, all regional countries are implementing the IP system contributing to the development of investment and trade flow as well as economic booming. Hence, Myanmar needs to prepare to join the IP international conventions similar to other ASEAN member countries in accord with the procedures of the ASEAN Economic Community.
Exercising the IP laws will contribute to the development of the State economy, strengthening the system of protecting the IP system for businesspersons, increasing the foreign investment and human resources, creating new job opportunities, taking over the modern techniques and raising the production.
Only when the creators and inventors for all creations in various arenas can get guarantees from the government for their copyrights for products, will they be active with greater keenness to do more creations based on energetic creativity and fresh souls.
Truly, creations and inventions facilitate the future of society to be able to enjoy better and better things. Consequently, new generations will have greater creativity and capacity based on skilfulness and techniques to apply the better things of original creators.

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