Engineering degrees of DSTA will be recognized soon at Asia-Pacific level through Myanmar Engineering Council, says Senior General

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State Administration Council Chairman Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Maha Thray Sithu Min Aung Hlaing takes the salute of the DSTA cadet companies at the Passing-out Parade of the 23rd Intake of Defence Services Technological Academy in PyinOoLwin on 10 December 2021.

You all need to continuously learn the developing military science and technology at the international level, to apply it for our country and Tatmadaw, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Maha Thray Sithu Min Aung Hlaing at the Passing-out Parade of the 23rd Intake of Defence Services Technological Academy at the parade ground of DSTA in PyinOoLwin yesterday morning.
First, the cadet companies saluted the Senior General with slow-march past and quick-march past. The Senior General presented Best Cadet Award to Cadet No. 7888 Cadet Tin Myo Oo, Excellent Award in Training to Cadet No. 7964 Cadet Win Moe Thu, Excellent Award in Studies to Cadet No. 7902 Cadet Nay Htet Win.
In his address, the Senior General said comrades who are nurtured by Defence Services Technological Academy in line with the objective of “Producing qualified capable undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate engineer officers for Army, Navy and Air” are engineer officers and also young military leaders who will serve for the national defence duty.
During the period of peace or military operations, the military engineering corps is one of the armed forces that is taking part in troop movements, combat operations and building shelters of Tatmadaw in the military sector, supporting the aid of engineering skills and construction work.
The best guarantee for the independence and sovereignty of the nation is the ability to build and own a capable defence force that has three capabilities.
A provision of the country’s constitution (2008) said: “The main armed force for the Defence of the Union is the Defence Services, and the Defence Services shall lead in safeguarding the Union against all internal and external dangers.” This provision depended on the reasons: the course of building the Tatmadaw, the objective of the establishment of the Tatmadaw, and persons and organizations that are the hardcore in building the Tatmadaw.
To enable the Tatmadaw to carry out its national defence task, it organized intending to build a Standard Army which has combat ability and power for conventional warfare. In the building of the standard army, it is upgrading not only Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air) but also the newly formed Coast Guard simultaneously.
Therefore, you all need to continuously learn the developing military science and technology at the international level, to apply it to our country and Tatmadaw. According to the motto of Defence Services Technological Academy goes: “Honour, Creative, Capable”, I would like to address you to follow the engineering ethics and try to have the innovative ability for the practical field.
Today is the age of Information Technology so information flows and technological developments are very rapid. To catch up with the flow of the improvement, you all have to perform continuous Research and Development. I would like to address that the subjects you have learnt are just primary theories so you need to do further research and practice to become proficient in the field of technologies that you have learnt.
Moreover, you all must constantly attempt to keep up with the evolving military science and technology while serving the main duty in the assigned areas. You must perform to improve your ability by using Continuous Learning in the subjects that are beneficial for our nation and Tatmadaw. As Science and Technology have been reached the stage of ‘Inventing and Utilizing’ from ‘Exploration and Applying’, you all must learn the continuously changing and evolving military science to invent, produce and apply so that you need to learn proficiently.
A study of the development of engineering shows that it started with the invention of the pulley, lever and wheels, that can be seen: Mechanical engineering that is the key to the development of the transport and manufacturing sectors, civil engineering that is fundamental to the construction of roads, bridges, buildings, irrigations and dams, and electrical engineering that is the basis for energy needs and information technology, which are developed firstly and supported to improve the socio-economic life.
Therefore, Outcome-Based Education can be seen in each sector of an educational field which is a basic philosophy of the teaching and learning processes. The Quality Assurance system controls to maintain the quality continuously. In the sector of implementation, a Quality Assurance system is considered not only to emphasize the sector of teaching and learning but also to improve and sustain continuously in a long term.
Therefore, DSTA performed the study of Benchmarks comparison with the curriculums and educational aids of some international and local technological universities and also implemented the most basic and important processes of Accreditation processes according to the Myanmar Engineering Council Law, so engineering degrees of DSTA will be recognized soon at the Asia-Pacific level through the Myanmar Engineering Council.
You must effectively apply your acquired knowledge and skills by studying lifelong learning accordingly to the improving technologies for national defence. In doing so, you will serve assigned tasks dutifully as engineer officers who will be able to fight on the battlefield, qualified engineer officers and disciplined engineer officers.
You have to behave starting from yourself not only to be fit and to get a high immune system but also a role model for your subordinates. Only if you train the subordinates to be fit and strong physically and mentally, you can implement to improve their combat ability and power. You have to know about the ability and behaviour of the subordinates and the tasks of each person.
By doing so, you can perform rightly and put the right people in the right place. I want to address that you should solve any problems you face by using critical thinking in various ways as a junior leader.
All are urged to try hard and learn to have the ability to implement in practice the innovative ideas in everything by following the military code of conduct since the role of engineers is vital, while building and organizing as a Standard Army that can fight the conventional warfare to serve dutifully the national defence duties, to support our Tatmadaw by following the motto: “Technology for Military Might” as the intelligentsia who was born from the engineering education system which has Quality Assurance, to perform and improve your ability with Continuous Learning the beneficial technologies for our nation and Tatmadaw, and to try hard to pursue the improving technologies while serving the main duty in each assigned area, to attempt for improving the combat ability and power of Tatmadaw and the regular training activities keeping in line with the motto: “Learn, Practise, Obey” to achieve the training objectives of Tatmadaw: “Be Fit, Be Competent, Be Brave”.
Then, the Senior General left the parade after taking the salute of the cadet companies.
After the parade, the Senior General received the outstanding cadets at the parlour of the headquarters of DSTA and spoke words of honour.
In his speech, the Senior General said he took pride in the cadets’ outstanding awards similar to their parents. These are valuable awards won by hardworking along with the six-year period and self-control. Parents are ordinary public service personnel and farmers. They had nurtured those cadets since their childhoods to date. Those cadets who are growing up well under the advice and teaching of parents and teachers need to continuously culture the good spirit controlling themselves. They have learnt not only literature but also techniques, so they have to continue more efforts for meeting the goal and ambitions. They have to know the gratitude of the parents and repay the debt of gratitude to them and have to be loyal to the Tatmadaw as the second mother. They have to try hard along with their life as a good soldier for achieving their goals and their family’s goals. — MNA


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