Enhance capacity to analyze right and wrong acts in technologies

Computer technology, science and technology and information technology have been developing with momentum year after year since 1990 when the information age opened its new page, contributing much to all sectors of the communities.
For example, rapid advancements in Internet and mobile phone technologies can be seen in communication technology. As a result, aforesaid technologies benefit the global people, cutting time and cost in daily processes.
Currently, the rapid development of digital technology helps users have information from various digital technological arenas, learn newer knowledge, contact new and old friends, and seek opportunities for enhancement of the socioeconomy. As such, global countries have a chance to taste the fruits of new technologies in the new era.
On the other hand, advancements in these technologies unavoidably bring bad impacts on society. Cybercrimes of unscrupulous persons on social networks search for their victims and then manipulate and exploit them. Hence, not only those victims but their families cannot dare to reunite with society due to mental suffering and frightening to face everybody as cyber bullies they seem. Moreover, some crime breakers take advantage of developing technologies to commit disturbances, threats and monetary swindling cases.
In fact, Myanmar started the use of computers in the 1990s and enjoyed communication technology in the 2000s. The 2019 interim census of Myanmar showed that some 86 per cent of households across the nation possess at least one mobile phone, 56 per cent of who apply internet at home. Thanks to advancements in communication technologies, Myanmar people can apply the internet, accounting for 74.7 per cent in the urban area and 48.8 per cent in the rural area.
As the majority of Myanmar people have the chance to enjoy information and communication technology, the entire people need to strive for marching to the sustainable development goals without gender discrimination. Authorities need to give assistance to those who initiate innovation, enhancement of technology and digital knowledge and create chances for learning technologies.
In Myanmar, the government is implementing the science, technology and innovative strategic plan (2022-2027) in harmony with the national comprehensive development project in line with the State policies. Especially, such a strategic plan helps improve the opportunity and all-inclusiveness for all the people in the technological arena.
That is why the entire people in Myanmar need to take the development of social relations and an economy based on the improvement of technologies while avoiding misconduct from the information and technology sector, cheating and attempts to pave the wrong ways for victims committed by cybercrime offenders.


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