Enhance Union spirit to develop the Mon State and residents


The traditional culture of Mon ethnics is invaluable with abundant cultural heritage, and at present, Mon, Bamar, Kachin, Kayin, Chin, Rakhine, Shan and Pa-O ethnic national people are peacefully and amicably residing in the Mon State.
The Mon State is fine in climatic conditions, and the state is decorated with national resources such as Zingyaik Hill, Nwalaboh Hill, Mottama Hill and Taungnyo mountain ranges in addition to rivers and creeks, green forests and plenty of land and water sources as well as ancient religious edifices which are pride to be taken by the people in beautiful scenes.
According to the 1974 Constitution of the Socialist Republic of the Union of Myanmar, No 1 Taninthayi Division was designated as Mon State on 19 March. From then onward, the celebration of Mon State Day has been organized 48 times on a grand scale, based on ceremonies marking the Mon State Day depending on traditions and cultures of national ethnics, and today’s celebration turns 48.
In the past, the Mon State was ugly with armed conflicts under the political diversities and doubts among the national brethren due to the devil legacy of the colonization process after the country had regained Independence. They did not hold the meetings among them, and consequently, internal armed conflicts have been keeping the country away from peace.
However, the New Mon State Party signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement-NCA on 13 February 2018 through the unity of Mon ethnics from the Mon State so that the new milestone of peace was erected in Mon State.
From now on, all Mon ethnic brethren on their part are to enhance the construction of mutual understanding, patience and trust with all ethnic nationals born in the Union with the aim of restoring the perpetual peace for improvement of their lifestyle and livelihoods.
All ethnic national people from the Mon State need to unitedly participate in the development of the State through the Union spirit, the adorable for improvement of the already achieved sound foundation.
As the Mon State bears sound foundations such as natural resources and underground and above ground natural resources, flourishing Buddhism, the long history of Mon ethnics, plentiful of advanced cultural heritages, and the sea and long beach areas, good potential to develop the state within a decade through the restoration of perpetual peace can be seen.

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