Enjoy beautiful movements in the month of Taboung in Myanmar


Taboung is the last and 12th month in the Myanmar lunar calendar. Building the pagoda made of sand is the symbol of Taboung in Myanmar’s nature. Such kind of pagoda festival emerged in the Bagan era or before the Bagan era.
The month of Taboung totally falls into the summer. Most of the trees bear old and withered leaves. Some trees leave withered leaves whereas bear buds. As such, the environments in the month of Taboung look like composing a poem.
In Myanmar society, the month of Taboung is the busiest time for farmers to harvest the paddy and various kinds of crops. At the same time, they are making soil preparations to start the cultivation of one more crop in the double-cropping system. Cultivation of crops after the main crop paddy aims to ensure food sufficiency of the entire people.
On one hand, the farmers who engage in the double-cropping works may earn increased incomes. So, their families, being Myanmar people, are willing to make donations such as ordination, initiation of novice and other religious ceremonies similar to Buddha Pujaniya festivals. It shows Buddhists’ nature of devotion to Buddhism. Significantly, the Shwedagon Pagoda, the most eminent pagoda in Myanmar, hosts the Buddha Pujaniya festival as attracting the local and foreign travellers to observe the traditions and lifestyle of Myanmar people.
As a part of summer, it is a situation to face the possible dangers of fire. Hence, people are busy in taking preventive measures of fire in the society by cleaning the debris, filling water to be ready to put out the fire, collecting fire extinguishers, giving training on firefighting techniques to new recruits and refreshing the skills of firefighters, and raise awareness of the danger of fire to the people. These active movements of the people, especially the young persons, are valuable.
The nature of Myanmar people may differ from those of other countries. Likewise, Myanmar’s concepts will be different from others. It is because the lifestyle of Myanmar people are based on the experiences they have already passed. So, the nature of Myanmar people related to the movements in the month of Taboung should not be discarded. So also, Myanmar people should not envy people from other countries in their movements in the same period. Actually, the month of Taboung is just for Myanmar people but those from other countries.

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