Enough rice left over for domestic consumption

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Photo taken shows a thriving monsoon paddy field.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, there is a surplus of rice left for domestic consumption until the new rainy season.
Deputy Minister for Commerce U Nyunt Aung said that the demand for 55 million people in the country is more than 9 million tonnes of rice, so the ability to export rice is more than 2 million tonnes.
The domestic consumption of 55 million people is 9.402 million tonnes of rice. The amount of foreign exports is about 2.88 million tonnes.
Domestically, in 2021, there were about 1.5 million acres of rainfed rice and the rice production was 1,088 million baskets, and two million acres of summer rice were cultivated and 213 million baskets produced, making a total of 1,301 million baskets of rice produced.
More than 13 million tonnes of rice were obtained last year, and the net surplus after deducing waste was more than 12 million tonnes of rice.
As of the end of 2022 August, the amount of rice exported abroad was 1.338 million tonnes and only 0.808 million tonnes of broken rice, so there was about 3.635 million tonnes of rice left in the country at the end of August.
As of the end of August, the balance of domestic rice is more than 3.134 million tonnes, and the remaining rice is the amount needed for domestic consumption for four months from September to December.
In addition, by the end of September, 15 million acres of monsoon rice planted this year will begin to emerge, so rice can be exported as usual and there is no need to worry about domestic consumption.
Export of basic food products, including domestically produced agricultural crops, is permitted only if there is a surplus of domestic consumption. In addition to this, when exporting rice to foreign countries, domestic self-sufficiency is prioritized and allowed to be exported in a systematic manner only after being scrutinized.
The current price of rice goes up from a minimum of 750,000 kyats to more than 900,000 kyats per 100 baskets, so the price of rice is continuously rising.—TWA/GNLM

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