Ensure a secure cyber society with registered SIM cards

In the digital age, everybody finds themselves navigating a vast landscape of communication networks, but among them, some individuals with malicious intent exploit unregistered SIM cards to commit crimes and even acts of terrorism. So, the Ministry of Transport and Communications has taken a significant step towards safeguarding citizens by instituting a system of registered SIM cards and enforcing systematic re-registration.
Across the nation, more than 60 million SIM cards have been issued by telecom operators. This number is notably larger than the total population, indicating that many individuals possess at least two SIM cards. Such a proliferation of SIM cards necessitates a robust system to track their usage and ensure accountability.
In a previous government term, the relevant ministry had announced its intention to ban unregistered SIM cards. The primary goal of this initiative is to protect users of mobile communication services, prevent fraudulent activities in mobile monetary and online services, and curb the rising tide of cybercrime. Crimes involving unregistered SIM cards, such as fraud, defamation, and extortion, pose particular difficulties for law enforcement, making it essential to adhere to prescribed procedures for selling SIM cards.
Strict guidelines for SIM card sales have been established to combat the illicit use of unregistered cards. Those who flout these directives and engage in the sale of unregistered SIM cards may face legal repercussions. Local SIM cards must be registered within 30 days, and any SIM cards not updated with citizenship scrutiny card data will be totally banned within 90 days.
The Ministry has outlined a clear course of action for dealing with those who sell or use unregistered SIM cards in violation of established rules and regulations. Under Section 72 of the Myanmar Communications Law, offenders may be subject to penalties, including imprisonment for less than six months, fines, or both.
To protect themselves from potential legal consequences and the looming threat of cybercrime, SIM card sellers and users must diligently ensure the registration of their SIM cards. By using registered SIM cards, individuals can access secure communication services, leading to a society that is both convenient and free from cybercrimes.
The adoption of registered SIM cards is a vital step in the journey towards a safer, more secure cyber society. This initiative serves as a testament to the commitment of individuals to uphold the principles of law and order, while also fostering a safer environment for all members of the community.

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