Enumerate population and housing census for forthcoming elections


The upcoming October 2024 marks a pivotal moment for Myanmar as it prepares to conduct a population and housing census, a crucial exercise for shaping state policies and managing the nation’s affairs. The data collected from this census will play a key role in determining how the government manages the economy, allocates the state budget, and addresses the needs of various sectors.
Myanmar has a rich history of population censuses, dating back to the British colonial era in 1872 when the population exceeded two million. Subsequent colonial governments continued this practice, conducting censuses in 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911, 1931, and 1941, with the latter recording over 16 million people across Myanmar. However, after gaining independence in 1948, successive governments faced challenges in conducting regular censuses.
In 1973, during the Myanmar Socialist Programme Party era, the government launched a comprehensive population census, revealing a total population of around 29 million. Subsequent censuses in 1983 and 2014 recorded populations of over 35 million and 51 million, respectively. Now, as Myanmar aims to hold a free and fair multiparty democratic general election in a peaceful and stable environment, the importance of accurate census data becomes paramount.
The past mistakes of voting fraud must not be repeated, making it imperative to ensure the correct population enumeration for compiling the voter list. The forthcoming population and housing census holds historical significance for Myanmar, a crucial step towards a transparent and credible electoral process.
The accurate data collected from the census is instrumental in preventing controversial measures that could lead to disputes and conflicts during the general election. Both local stakeholders and the international community eagerly await the results of the census enumeration, recognizing its potential to alleviate the population’s concerns and contribute to a peaceful national environment.
The reliability of census data is crucial for strengthening the democratic system. As Myanmar strives for a free and fair election, the forthcoming population and housing census from 1 to 15 October 2024 will serve as a cornerstone, shaping the nation’s path toward a more transparent and accountable future.
Not only local witnesses but also the international community await the results from the census enumeration. The correct data from the census will ease the sigh of people and will create a peaceful situation in the country. As it will be reliable data for the multiparty democratic general election, all the entire people wishing to strengthen the democratic system need to participate unitedly in the successful process of enumerating the census.

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