Myanmar sees surge in sales of ethnic Chin traditional clothing

According to the retailers and wholesalers of Chin clothing, sales of conventional hand-woven Chin clothes, a popular Myanmar costume, are rising.
“The demand for traditional Chinese clothes is good. Both demand and supply rise during this month of the year. We have the Tiddim brand and the Haka brand. Mechanized looms are mostly used here. In Monywa, handlooms are usually used,” said an official from the Daw Pwa Chit Chin Costume Distributor.
She suggested that Chin costumes, both hand-woven and machine-woven, attract interest from various buyers, and interested small-scale sellers should learn the customs of these costumes.
“Most buyers buy them to wear. Not only ethnic Chin people but also different races buy them. I would like to suggest to the sellers that it would be better if they learn the customs of these clothes before selling them so as not to damage the traditional culture,” she explained.
Tiddim machine-woven women’s costumes cost about K30,000, Haka brand costumes around K20,000 and genuine hand-woven costumes about K200,000 to K300,000. There is a texture difference between machine-woven and hand-woven clothes. — Thit Taw/ZN

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