Experimental cultivation of cauliflower succeeds in Wuntho


The local villagers from Letpangyi village, Wuntho township, Sagaing region are growing cauliflowers on a trial basis after harvesting the paddy and their cultivation has succeeded.
Letpangyi village is located on Kawlin-Wuntho road and the villagers are growing the crops using the water supplied by Namhlaing dam.
“Last year, about 5,000 acres of summer cauliflower plants were grown on a trial basis. Although the price of cauliflower was good, the growers were losing about K 300,000 for growing cauliflower because of lower yield.
But, the growers cultivated again at the cauliflower nursery plants for 90 days on a trial basis in February 2021. This time, they cultivated it using a sprinkler system. Its cultivation costs over K 500,000 in acre. Currently, the price of cauliflowers is ranging K450-K600 per one depending upon the quality and size.
The growers are having a daily income of K 5,000 and making a profit of over K 900,000 for growing 9,000 plants,” said U Myint Lwin, a cauliflower grower from Letpangyi village.
The growers from Letpangyi village are also cultivating other crops such as cabbage, long bean, tomato, bottle gourd and pumpkin. They are growing them yearly on a manageable scale and having the daily income from selling them.—Myint Tun Min (Kawlin)

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