Fabricated page using MRTV logo on social media notified


Myanma Radio and Television broadcast 11 sectors of the programmes of MRTV HD and related channels on the MRTV Media Application.
A social media page, named “Myanmar Radio and Television”, is found to be using the logo of MRTV Media Application as a profile picture and the old logo of MRTV as a cover photo and selling obscene items.
Legal action will be taken against the use of common imitations of MRTV’s name and logo, including the social media page under existing laws.
Programmes from MRTV are available on www.mrtv.gov.mm and www.mrtv-media.com, as well as on social media platforms such as MRTV Twitter and MRTV Telegram. As a result, it has been published separately in a variety of sections so that the public can easily access it.
Myanma Radio and Television

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