Fake news: Over 100 youths forcibly recruited as porters in Thanlyin

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Screenshot validates the spreading of false news.

The rebellious Khit Thit media deliberately concocted false news alleging that Tatmadaw, police, and administrative body forcibly conscripted youths as porters, demanding at least one from each household in Ngwethanwin Ward, Thanlyin Township, Yangon Region, on 12 February. These forced porters were detained in the military compound located near Thanlyin Phayagon. Furthermore, the misinformation also falsely claimed that the Tatmadaw demanded at least 20 young men from each ward in Yangon Region.
The youths underwent disaster rescue training for two weeks in Thanlyin, and no underage individuals were involved in the training, as confirmed by an official from the Yangon Region government.
Similarly, the malicious media outlets are propagating that over 100 people were arrested by the security forces within four days in Yangon, Mandalay, Monywa, and Sagaing starting from the date of the enforcement announcement of the People’s Military Service Law.
The State Administration Council Information Team provides clarifications and disseminates accurate information about the People’s Military Service Law through State-owned media to reassure the public and the security forces never unlawfully apprehend civilians. — MNA/TMT

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