Fake news: Tatmadaw’s air bombardment destroys religious buildings and houses in Hsihseng Township

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The subversive media outlet Khit Thit is spreading false news alleging that Tatmadaw conducted an air attack and heavy weapon assault, destroying seven religious buildings and nearly 50 civilian houses in Aungchantha Ward in Hsihseng Township, southern Shan State.
However, residents and relevant regional security officials have refuted these claims, stating that on 10 February, Tatmadaw did not conduct any attacks or air operations. Instead, individuals purportedly associated with the PNLA, KNDF, and PDF terrorist groups deliberately set fire to civilian houses and religious buildings in Aungchantha Ward, Hsihseng Township, Shan State, due to dissatisfaction over food and other necessities.
Furthermore, false information circulating on social media alleges that three men were burnt to death and Tatmadaw destroyed five houses in Seiktha Village, Madaya Township. According to relevant regional security officials, no Tatmadaw military operation occurred near Seiktha Village, and reports of casualties and house fires are unfounded.
These instances highlight the deliberate spread of fake news by the malicious Khit Thit media outlet. — MNA/ TMT

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