Fewer charcoal burners, higher sales in Madaya, Mandalay

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Charcoal made in Madaya, one of the chief charcoal-producing areas.

With farmers busy preparing for planting, there are fewer charcoal burners in Madaya, one of the main charcoal-producing areas, but sales are up, according to the charcoal market.
“Demand and supply for charcoal is good at the moment. Some, affordable or unaffordable, are buying and stockpiling charcoal for fear that its price will rise. Stockpiling is one factor contributing to increased sales. However, farmers in Myingyan, Tagaung and Kyaukse used to burn charcoal when it was not the growing season. Now, it is the time to prepare for planting, and they no longer burn charcoal. As there are fewer charcoal-producing areas, consumers have to share the existing supplies. So, charcoal sales are increasing,” said a salesperson from the Ko Aung Charcoal Trading.
At present, the price of charcoal is falling slightly in Madaya, Mandalay Region, with a maximum of K13,000 for 1.5 baskets of charcoal, and it may vary in other regions where truck access is difficult.
Charcoal prices may recover with a higher trend in the pre-Thingyan period, according to some predictions in the market. — Thit Taw/ZN/ED

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