Finally, ASEAN Sees the Light


F irst, just like the US and the West, they refused to believe in the voters’ fraud.
Second, following the West, they boycotted Myanmar, forcing foreign companies to leave town and increasing joblessness among people with low incomes.
Third, taking a pinch of imperialism, they wanted to impose their 4/5 points of nonsense on the Myanmar people.
Some countries tried to close the bank accounts of Myanmar citizens and Myanmar companies. Some tried to cower Myanmar into following their instructions. Some even openly recognized the NNCP terrorist group as an alternative legitimate government!
Finally, they realize the foundations and meanings of the ASEAN Charter and that being a Western lap dog would lead them nowhere. For the first time in nearly three years, one representative from Myanmar was invited to be at the ASEAN foreign ministers meeting held on 29 January. A female director-general was present during the meeting. It is a small step for the Myanmar public, a giant step in putting NNCP terrorist groups where they belong. Last but not least, the more important and concrete step was what has been mentioned in para 23 of the communique issued afterwards: “ASEAN would help people of Myanmar, find a Myanmar-owned and led solution towards a peaceful, stable and unified Myanmar contributing to peace and prosperity of the region”.
As MLK said, “The arch of the moral universe is long, but in the end, it bends towards justice.”
Having been free from the shackles of unnecessary pressures from ASEAN, the burden is now on the Myanmar government to show that it can bring the country progress and much-needed development while improving by leaps and bounds on law and order, reducing corruption and ceasing never-ending presidential pardons!

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