Fisheries Federation urges fish farmers to secure reserve ponds amid El Niño threat

The Myanmar Fisheries Federation has advised fish farmers to maintain reserve ponds for water exchange. This recommendation aims to safeguard fish farming operations from potential impacts caused by the moderate El Niño forecast for this month.
The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, in collaboration with the federation, has announced irregular rainfall patterns, increased daytime temperatures, and the likelihood of drought induced by the El Niño phenomenon. This advance notice enables proprietors to make necessary preparations.
Fish farmers are advised to conduct daily checks of water quality and pond conditions at 6 am each morning. Additionally, it is recommended to maintain reserves for storing fresh water, avoid using feed that may contaminate the water, and consider reducing fish population in ponds where water exchange is challenging. Furthermore, transferring fish between ponds should be avoided during hot days.
If fish are observed swimming with their heads up or attempting to come ashore, it indicates low oxygen levels. In such cases, farmers should irrigate with new water, release some water from the pond, utilize water propellers or paddle boats on the surface to increase oxygen levels.
Additionally, farmers are recommended to avoid overfeeding to prevent from contaminating the water from leftover feed and to minimize the introduction of excess nutrients.
Myanmar hosts over 460,000 acres of freshwater fish, shrimp, and crab farms, with fish farms constituting the largest portion. Specifically, crab farming covers more than 2,000 acres of land. — TWA/NT

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