Follow prescribed disciplines in relevant arenas

The word in English “discipline” is equal to definitions of two words related to the usage of the Myanmar language “function of the beat in Myanmar musical instrument” and “function of a bank”. It can be noticed that disciplines are set in relevant sectors, places and arenas.
The beat musical instrument produces its sound to allot and segregate the musical sounds of other musical instruments in creating melody and tune to bear a complete song to the audiences. As such, the beat musical instrument plays a key role in the Myanmar orchestra troupe. Only when the functions of the beat are correct will all remaining musical instruments carry on their functions so as to emerge the masterpiece songs.
On one hand, the bank controls the overflow of water not easily causing flooding and harming society. Whenever a speedy flow of water in the river suddenly happens, the banks on both sides of the watercourse restrict the speed of water and its level. If not, the overflow of water and inundation may destroy the residences. If there is no embankment or bank, the water from the relevant courses of rivers and creeks will spread away without target by destroying various objects.
As such, it can be said that the discipline is full in essence. Discipline evaluates the value, prestige and integrity of humans. The word “discipline” harmonizes all things in restricted areas and paves the way for everything and everybody to do under the restrictions not to cause inappropriate events.
The persons who do not follow the prescribed disciplines will not reach their goals. They miss the chance to meet the target. They will lose the opportunity for their lives. Due to a lack of knowledge to abide by the disciplines, they can lose their positions and destroy their routes to the goals. Those who break discipline will devaluate their personality in society. Consequently, they will be set aside in society and they will be away from the route to prosperity and peace.
In society, people need to follow prescribed disciplines. Those wishing to possess prosperity must abide by the restricted disciplines. If not, their prosperity will not be firm and will not be comprehensive. If they follow the disciplines in respective arenas in individuals, the whole society will have completed abiding by the disciplines. It means paying respect to others’ entitlements and rights mentioned in the Constitution. Consequently, those from society will have to enjoy the fruits of their disciplined behaviours.

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