Four men, one woman arrested with explosives in Thanlyin

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The State Government has been cracking down on CRPH, NUG and PDF terrorists, who are committing bombings and killings of innocent civilians. According to the report of local people in Thanlyin on 17 December, security forces cleared the area in a field outside of Lahayat village in Thanlyin and arrested Thant Zaw Aung (a) Soe Lay, 29, Ye Min Phyo (a) Ko Phyo, 27, Phyo Maung Maung (a) Phyo Gyi, 32 (deceased), and his girlfriend Sandar, 17, together with one M-16, one M-22, one pistol, two M-16 magazines, one M-22 magazine, two magazines of SIG Sauer pistol, 25 rounds of 7.62 ammunition, 50 rounds of 5.56 ammunition, 20 rounds of 9mm ammunition.
According to the statement of the arrested suspects, related suspect Tin Tun Khaing, 41, a keeper of explosives used in terrorist bombings, who lived in Lahayat village in Thanlyin Township, together with 13 bags of potassium carbonate, 10 silicon cups, sulphuric acid, three boxes of the iron ball, 10 visses of silicon powder, one bucket of liquid acid.
According to their statements, Thant Zaw Aung (a) Soe Lay and Phyo Maung Maung (a) Phyo Gyi attended explosive training courses conducted in KNLA Brigade (6) area by Commander Yan Naing in July. Ye Min Phyo (a) Ko Phyo attended the explosive training near Shansu village in Kayah State in August. It was also learned that confiscated weapons and ammunition were ordered from KNLA Brigade (6) area by Phyo Maung Maung (a) Phyo Gyi to be used in their terrorist acts.
They revealed that they committed four killings of innocent civilians, two bombings. On 29 September, Phyo Maung Maung (a) Phyo Gyi killed an innocent civilian with a small firearm in Bogyoke village in Thanlyin Township. On 1 November, along with Pho Kalar, Arnoe, Hnote Khan Mhwe, who have been on the run, he fired at people living in Htanbingon ward in Thanlyin Township, slaying one man and seriously injuring one woman.
Phyo Maung Maung (a) Phyo Gyi, together with Myo Min Oo, Ye Zaw Naing, Kaung Lay, killed two innocent civilians who lived in Myohaung ward, Thanlyin Township on 18 and 30 November, and he killed one innocent civilian who lived in Bogyoke village in Thanlyin, together with Pho Kalar (on the run) on 9 December.
On 13 October, Thant Zaw Aung (a) Soe Lay threw bombs at a CCTV control box at the Parami junction in South Okkalapa Township, together with Ko Jade (a) Zeya and Hein Ko Oo. On 18 October, together with Ye Min Phyo (a) Ko Phyo, Ko Jade (a) Zeya and Hein Ko Oo (both on the run) he threw bombs at a CCTV control box at the corner of Kyuntaw Road and Hanthawady Road in Kamayut Township.
It is reported that the arrested suspects will be taken effective action under the law and the people are requested to work together for the peace and stability of the villages and townships by reporting the terrorists’ movements to the nearest authorities to arrest the related suspects as soon as possible, according to the Myanmar Police Force.—MNA

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