Thai goods freight traffic continues on Htawtkawkoe Road with regular travel

To transport imported Thailand goods from Myawady, the old road from Myawady-Kawkareik to Htawtkawkoe-Yangon has been used, and there is regular travelling, according to Mea Sot-Myawady travel service community.
“Currently, the Htawtkawkoe route has been used for goods transport from Myawady. Htawtkawkoe is a feeder road from Shwe Kokko to dodge the Dawna mountain range because the Asian Highway is still blocked. Htawtkawkoe has been used to travel from Myawady to Yangon and for Myawady’s trading and freight transport. It takes time. Some people went to do business in Myawady,” said an official from a Mae Sot-Myawady car rental service.
Moreover, many people come from Thailand to visit Myawady.
Asian Highway has been blocked for some reasons in Kayin State; therefore, travellers and traders from mainland have been using Htawtkawkoe to transport freight through Myawady.
“We have constantly used Htawtkawkoe road to carry Thai goods to Myanmar. The road is rough, so it is a bit difficult to drive. It is mostly used for ferrying remaining,” said a trader from Myawady. — Thit Taw/ZS

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