Green chilli from Myothit township fetches high price


The green chillies are destined in the Myothit township market and the price is fetching the high price.
“The green chillies produced in the township are currently entering the market. The price of green chilli increased to K2,000 per viss from K1,200 per viss, respectively, compared to the early period. It means that the price of green chillies is fetching upright price,” said U Htaik, a green chilli grower.
At present, around 10 three-wheel motorbikes loaded with green chillies are entering the municipal market daily where most of the fresh kitchen crops are widely distributed. There is also good trading of the green chillies in the market.
“At this moment, the price of green chillies is good because it comes out and is early harvested only from our Myothit township. Later, it will come out soon from the mountain region and the prices are unlikely to rise any further,” he added.
The chillies are grown within an enclosed space. After 15 days, the chillies are transplanted to the farmlands and it is needed to put the water into the farms every five days. After one month of transplanting into the fields, the chilis bloom and bear fruits. — Than Win Tun (IPRD)/GNLM

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